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French Typesetting Services

Welcome to WorldAccent, a trusted UK provider of professional French typesetting services to business and the third sector.

Based in central London, we have been supplying translations and multilingual typesetting to companies at home and abroad for over 25 years.

We offer a comprehensive service, delivering top class French typesetting, either from pre-existing French text or as part of our range of French translation services.

An expert project manager from our multilingual team will look after your project from receipt through to delivery. Our experience ensures you receive first-class, stylish translation and typesetting – on time and on budget.

Find out how we can meet your organisation’s French typesetting requirements. To contact us or obtain a free quote, choose one of the options below.

Experts in French typesetting

Our London-based studio provides a fast, economic service and takes pride in our reputation for precision and accuracy. The team brings years of French typesetting and design experience to your project. A text translated into French will often run longer than the English original. We will translate your visual design from English to French – ensuring that the French layout conveys your style to the intended readership, while making sure the spirit of the original is maintained.

From advising on the language implications of your initial designs through to producing print-ready PDFs, our studio’s expertise ensures your project is in great hands – producing elegant French typesetting.

All of our French typesetting is carried out in-house, meaning we can respond quickly to amendments or queries. We have all the technical French typesetting expertise you need: from French typographical conventions to an authoritative knowledge of InDesign, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Word, Photoshop, Excel, Powerpoint, Acrobat and more.

Comprehensive French language services

For complete peace of mind, some clients prefer WorldAccent to provide the French text translation. This synergy allows us to deliver the maximum benefits of our efficient workflow and cutting edge technology, saving you time and money in the long run.

Naturally, translation of your website or multimedia project is available too. Get in touch to find out how we can translate your site’s source files to French with the minimum of fuss.

African French, Canadian French ... Global French Translation Services

French is a global language, spoken as a first language by around 136 million people worldwide. However, there are some differences in grammar and vocabulary from place to place and continent to continent.

Although there are some regional variations, Metropolitan French is considered the standard within France. Elsewhere in Europe, the main variants are Belgian French and Swiss French.

French is also an important language in parts of north America, notably Lousiana and Canada. Canadian French actually contains more than one dialetct, although is often used to mean Quebec French – by far the most prevalent variety of French in Canada.

African French is a catch-all name for varieties of French spoken, often as a second language, by an estimated 115 million African people. This means Africa has a good claim to be the continent with the most French speakers in the world. There are local variations but African French can be broadly grouped into three categories: French in the Maghreb, central and west African French, and French spoken in the Seychelles, Mauritius and Réunion.

There are differences in typographical conventions according to which area of the globe the French is targeted to. For instance, both French typesetting for France will have a thin space before any exclamation mark, whereas French typesetting for Canada omits this space.

French typesetting, London project management and flawless communication

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Need more than one language to be typeset or translated? We can also help with your FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) translation. In fact, WorldAccent also offers a wide range of multilingual typesetting and professional translation services spanning the world’s languages. Contact us now to discuss your organisation’s translation requirements.